D. Zhang

Dear friend,

Welcome to my corner of the Internet. 

I’m Ashley, and I’m interested in human flourishing: understanding it, achieving it, and creating the conditions that nurture it on individual, societal, and civilizational scales. I explore this theme on my
Twitter and Substack, and as a guest on various podcasts.

Through my work, I seek to bridge the humanities and technology — the timeless and the cutting-edge — to make sense of our world and shape its future. In addition to my studies in
Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, I’ve worked in startups, media nonprofits, and investigative reporting initiatives.

I enjoy straying off the beaten path: I recently
walked the Camino de Santiago, ran a startup founders' co-living mansion, and worked on an Alaskan peony farm.

I’m currently on the lookout for my next venture, and am always
open to a chat. I’d love to hear about what excites you, and see if together we can create something beautiful (or stir up some mischief).